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Beers, Wines & Alcohols

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Supreme Taste from High-Quality Liquors

Enjoy every sip of our imported beer and drink mixers. Based in Mankato, Minnesota, RUSH LIQUOR is here to give you the time of your life. With more than six years of experience, we have gained extensive knowledge about different types of liquor. Whether you're looking for a local, domestic or an imported liquor brand, we have something for you.

Drink till the Last Drop

Choose from a fine selection of liquor and mixers at our locally owned and managed store with a nice atmosphere. Our wide variety of liquor includes:

Vodkas,  Whiskeys,  Rums,  Gins,  Brandies,  Tequilas,  Cognacs,  Scotches,  Liqueurs

Invigorating Mixers

Your special orders or specific liquor requests are welcome in our liquor store. You can also try our drink mixers, which will satisfy your non-alcoholic cravings. Here is the mixer selection you can choose from: 

Juices,  Drink Mixes,  Purees,  Tonics,  Energy Drinks, Soda Pop

Brewed to Excellent Taste

Chug the goodness of our beer. We have a wide variety of crafts and imported brands such as Minnesota Craft beers. You may also take your pick from regular domestic brands, including:

Bud Light™,  Budweiser™,  Coors Light,  Michelob,  Miller,  Busch™,  Keystone,  Pabst Blue Ribbon™

Beer Options

Build your own six-pack section. For only $9.49, you can choose your beer selection whether in a bottle or can. You may also buy our 750mL bombers. Prices start as low as $1.99. Below are the available cases and bottle sizes in our liquor store. 

Available Packages and Cases:
Singles, 4 Packs,  6 Packs,  9 Pack,  12 Packs,  15 Packs,  18 Packs,  24 Packs,  30 Packs

Bottle Sizes:

12oz, 16 oz,  22 oz,  24 oz,  25 oz,  32 oz,  40 oz, Bombers

Keg / Barrel sizes (By special request):

8 Gallon, 16 Gallon


Luscious Wine for You

Surprise yourself with the rich flavors of our wine selection — from austere to velvety. Our wines come in different varieties. We offer them in a box or a bottle. Here is our wide variety of luscious wines:

Domestic Wines,  European Wines,  Australian Wines,  South American Wines,  African Wines,  Minnesota Wines

Local Wines

Be patriotic by choosing from our local wine selection featuring our heritage. Our wine selection includes: 

Indian Island Winery™ Wines,  Carlos Creek Winery Wines,  Cannon River Winery™ Wines,  Millner Heritage Vineyard & Winery™ Wines,  Winehaven™ Wines,  Chankaska Wines™,  Morgan Creek™ Wines,  Alexis Bailly Vineyard Wines,  Round Lake Vinyard & Winery Wines,  Saint Croix Vineyards Wines 


Imported Wines

Try our imported wine selection defined by rich taste and culture. Prices start for as low as $10.00 for two bottles. Our top imports include the following:

Luccio™,  Starling Castle™,  Stellarosa,  Roscato™,  Chateau Beneyt,  Clos Du Mont Olivet,  Antico Colle, 


Goodness Swirling in Your Glass

Enjoy your favorite liquor while drinking from our selection of wine glasses and beer mugs. RUSH LIQUOR in Mankato, Minnesota, offers a wide variety of liquor glasses that are available in both glass and plastic options. We also offer locally made, hand woven wine bags for only $20.00 each. Glassware are priced starting at $2.99; while, plastic shot glasses are priced at 79¢ each. The liquor glasses available in our store are the following:

Wine Glasses,  Pilsner Glasses,  Margarita Glasses,  Martini Glasses,  Shot Glasses,  Jag Bomb Glasses,  Flasks,  Jiggers

Drinking Utensils

Have an easier time when pouring or preparing your drink with our drinking utensils. We offer a variety of the following products: 

Wine Corkscrews,  Waiter Keys,  Church Keys,  Beer Bottle Openers,  Pour Sprouts, Keychain Openers

Exclusive Cigarettes & Tobacco

Aside from liquor and drinking utensils, we also offer exclusive cigarettes. We have a selection of Swisher Sweets and white cap cigarettes, which are sold in two packs. Our store also carries a wide selection of chewing tobacco and cigarettes at prices within your reach. Buy our tobacco at affordable prices. Please keep checking our website or visit our liquor store for updates. More exciting treats will be in store for you!

We also offer chewing tobacco. Brands we have are Kodiak, Copenhagen, Grizzly and Skoal.